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Hope for Hannah Rescue

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some of the many lives saved

How You Can Help

Foster a pet (most needed)

Volunteer for events & fundraisers, and more

Make a donation

We do not have a facility.

We rely on fosters.

We desperately need fosters and foster homes.

A foster plays a big role in helping a dog get a new home, even if it is only once. Fostering can be as short as an overnight stay until the new pet parent comes to pick up their new family member. Fostering varies from just a couple of hours to longer, depending on the situation. Many times when we have a transport of puppies and dogs we will already have adopters ready and waiting for their new pet. Because the new pet parents may not live nearby or are unable to arrive the same day as the transport, our fosters pitch in and help with an overnight stay.

The next day the adopter arrives, the adoption papers are signed, and the overnight guest joins its new family. Fostering is a rewarding and fun experience because these dogs are so wonderful. It's hard not to miss these pet guests when they are gone, but it's also good to know that the dog will have a forever home. Without a foster, even if it is only an overnight stay, it's still a very important volunteer effort. It makes a big difference because without a foster, the transport cannot bring that dog to join its new home. The dog may have to wait another week or more. Once in a while we need a foster for a little longer. The volunteer foster decides the duration. We compensate expenses for fostered dogs until the adoptable dog has its new home.

If you are interested in helping save a life, helping a dog find a new home, and are able to foster a puppy or adult dog, please click here to complete the foster care application.

Thank you for your benevolence. Your help will be greatly appreciated by all from our rescue.

Hope for Hannah Rescue Inc.

PO Box 663

Bartonsville, PA 18321

[email protected]