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some of the many lives saved

Testimonials - Happy Tails

“Once you have had a wonderful dog, a life without one, is a life diminished.”

― Dean Koontz, A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog 

Hope for Hannah Rescue Inc. and its shelter continue to save dogs and puppies by giving them a second chance. This is what rescuing helpless and homeless animals is all about. It's about the unconditional love animals give to humans.

Please send email us a photo and a brief story if you have adopted from us. We will add it to this page.

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We have had a lot of success matching our rescued dogs with the right pet parents. Here are some of the successful matches and beautiful stories. 

Bailey (formerly Chicklet)

(Adopted November 2012)

Hi Suzi,

I just wanted to let you know that Bailey (aka Chicklet) is doing great! She was one of the Beagle-Chihuahua puppies born last November. I have attached her spay certificate along with a couple of recent photos. As you can see, she is beautiful! She is a wonderful, playful, and very affectionate puppy. We just love her to pieces. Thank you so much for bringing us together.


Joan Kreinheder

Wally (formerly Oakley)

(Adopted September 2013)

Wally's Journey

The story is told by Marina at the shelter in Virginia. The pictures were provided by Oakley's new owner, Stefeny. Oakley has been renamed Wally by his new family. During the summer of 2013, he was part of the children's camp to try to build his confidence. This dog was so timid and afraid that all he would do was lie on his back and urinate on himself if you even looked at him. Not an easy sell when trying to find a home for a dog. He was adopted and returned because of that problem. 

Now look at him...he's still on his back, but as happy as a little clam. They decided that when Wally is on his back...they will do the same.

The child is autistic and only talks to Wally. When it's the right home it just works out! Wally is being used to recover the child from autism. It is so nice that Wally has a purpose.

This was a dog that as a puppy was crammed into a small crate along with his mother and 3 siblings (Octavia, Oden, Odessa) and dumped at our shelter. They were so crammed in that crate that neither could move. It's unknown how long they were living like that. They were all emaciated, covered in urine, feces, and fleas and dumped in the night. These pups came a long way and all were adopted. 

Wally (Oakley) was the last one to be adopted and was the most sensitive and traumatized. Even I doubted I could find the right home for this fella. These pictures truly make it all worth it.

From Stefeny, Wally's owner:

He's adjusting great! Loves it here it seems =) thank you and Marina for helping us complete our family.



Oscar (formerly Hamilton)

Dear Nancy, Suzi and Hope for Hannah Rescue,

Our rescue puppy, Oscar, (previously Hamilton) is now 8 months old and doing terrific! He goes to work with us everyday, as planned, and our construction employees just love him.

Oscar is currently finishing up obedience classes and has responded wonderfully. He enjoys playing outside, loves chew toys and is just a happy dog.  

He particularly enjoys when his dog friend "Zami" comes to visit.

We are so happy to have found Oscar from your rescue. Thank you for this service that you provide

and matching dogs with families.

It's a win-win deal.

Mariann Eyerman



I am emailing a picture of my family with Amber that we adopted a week ago. Amber is a great dog -- we couldn't get a better dog. She is so attached to us already. I would like to say " thank you" to Mel Rosenthal -- he was always so nice and helpful to us.

Agnieszka Maziarz  


Adopted August 2013

Message from Mel:

Agnes, Thanks for the picture.

What a beautiful family and how well Amber fits in.

Thanks for giving Amber a wonderful life!