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Hope for Hannah Rescue

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some of the many lives saved

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The Terms and Conditions included within the application must be agreed to in order to be considered.

Thank you for your interest in giving a pet a loving and safe home.

About pet availability and applications

Please note that the adoption list changes very frequently. A pet may be adopted at any time. We understand it can be disappointing if your pet of interest has already been adopted, but we cannot guarantee availability for any particular pet.

We update our listings as soon as possible, but the adoption websites may not update their sites until up to 24 hours later. Adopted pets may not show yet that they are adopted and new pets may not be listed yet. If you see a pet that interests you, please fill out an application and we will reply asap.

If you are interested in fostering any of our pets, please fill out an application form.

(We are always in need of fosters and volunteers.)

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Your donation is federally tax deductible if you are able to itemize.

Hope for Hannah Rescue Inc.

PO Box 663

Bartonsville, PA 18321

[email protected]